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'Vasiliy Stalin's last parade'. 'Secret of pilot Kruschev'

'Vasiliy Stalin's last parade'
Air military parades were always the symbol of might and power of the Soviet Union. In late 40’s and early 50’s one man was in charge of these parades. His name was well-known in the USSR mostly because of his father Joseph Stalin. The film tells the story of Vasiliy Stalin – youngest ever Soviet Air Force eccentric commander.

'Secret of pilot Kruschev'
Life of Nikita Kruschev’s oldest son, Leonid, is surrounded by numerous rumors. Was he a traitor or a hero? This film investigates all the accusations against Leonid Kruschev and it turns out that Leonid was put to blame just to discredit his father.

Director: Georgiy Ratushev
Running time: 2x45 min.
Language: Russian
PAL, All regions
© Wings of Russia Studio, 2004
Catalogue number: KRD-13

Weight: 200 g

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