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'German soldiers: spoils of war'. 'Fox hunting'

'German soldiers: spoils of war'
When the Second World War was ended among many trophies captured by Soviet Army were 8000 German aviation specialists. Their task was to work in and for the Soviet Union developing advanced aircraft.

'Fox hunting'
In September 6th 1976 Viktor Belenko took off on his top-secret MiG-25 fighter from an airfield in the Far East of USSR. He was heading towards Japan. It wasn’t a reconnaissance mission at all. Soviet officer Viktor Belenko simply skyjacked his MiG-25.

Directors: Mikhail Minkin (‘Germans soldiers: spoils of war’), Georgiy Ratushev (‘Fox hunting’)
Running time: 2x45 min.
Language: Russian
PAL, All regions
© Wings of Russia Studio, 2002-2003
Catalogue number: KRD-11

Weight: 200 g

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