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Episode 6. 'Bombers. The Cold War'

In October 1962 the world faced the Caribbean crisis. In response to the Soviet missiles allocation in Cuba, the United States blocked the Island of Freedom. Tension among nuclear powers was growing. The Soviet strategic bombers were relocated to the borders - closer to the targets in Europe and America. Exhausting combat watch began. Alert level was maximum. All involved in those days experienced enormous tension. Even incomplete knowledge of the nuclear weapons capabilities drew an astonishing picture of the aftermath. The world was on the verge of the Third World War.

Bonus material: Тu-4, Тu-80, Тu-85, Тu-82, Il-46, Тu-16, М-4, 3М, Тu-95, М-50, Тu-22, Тu-22М, Тu-160, Т-4.

Director: Andrey Kulyasov
Running time: 52 min.
Languages: Russian, English
PAL, All regions
© Wings of Russia Studio, 2008
Catalogue number: KRD-45
Weight: 200 g

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