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Episode 13. 'Helicopters. The Air Rovers'

A man always wanted to fly. Today we know, how to do it, while before this issue was not as obvious. To make wings like the birds have or to screw into the air – both variants seemed quite natural… The first variant lead to creation of an airplane, while the second – of a helicopter. Prototypes of a helicopter were found in the remote ages. Go Khun – the Chinese scientist of the 4th century and the great Leonardo Da Vinci in the 15th century, both proposed their versions of a helicopter. The genius Mikhail Lomonosov also worked in this sphere. In 1754 he built an “aerodromic machine” – which was nothing else than a small size helicopter. Of course it did not fly, but experiments helped developing ideas, which predetermined all further helicopter construction.

Bonus material: KaSkr-1, А-7, TsAGI 1-EА, TsAGI 11-EА, Омеgа, G-3, B-5, B-10, EG (Sh), Yak-100, Мi-1, Ka-8 Irkutyanin, Kа-10, Мi-4, Yak-24, Kа-15, Kа-18.

Directors: Andrey Kulyasov, Alexey Romanov
Running time: 52 min.
Languages: Russian, English
PAL, All regions
© Wings of Russia Studio, 2008
Catalogue number: KRD-52
Weight: 200 g

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