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'Cold war. Russian Superfortress'. 'Cold war. Fight above the ocean'

'Cold War. Russian Superfortress'
In 1944 US bombers B-29 Superfortress made an emergency landing in the Soviet Union Far East territories. Russians didn’t give these planes back to Americans. Joseph Stalin ordered to copy the bombers. That’s how the story Tu-4, Russian analogue of B-29, began. In the short period of time the whole fleet of Soviet strategic bombers was developed.

'Cold war. Fight above the ocean'
In the Cold War era American carriers were one of the main threats for the Soviets. Russian strategic bombers were the answer for these carriers. These aircraft were patrolling the sky carrying nuclear weapons on board.

Director: Alexander Slavin
Running time: 2x45 min.
Language: Russian
PAL, All regions
© Wings of Russia Studio, 2004
Catalogue number: KRD-12

Weight: 200 g

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