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Vehicles Wear Shoulder Boards

Film 1
Featured vehicles:
Boris Lutsky and Petr Freze cargo vehicles;
De Dion-Bouton light cars;
Charron armored car;
Different Russian-Baltic factory vehicles (K, C, L, M);
Renault AG1;
Cargo vehicles of WWI: White, Ford, Packard, Fiat, Chevrolet etc.;
Mgebrov armored car;
Austin and Garford armored cars;
Prombron command car;
AMO-f15 light cargo vehicle and its modifications;
BA-27 armored car;
Ya-3, Ya-4 and Ya-5 heavy trucks;
NAMI-1 light car.

Film 2
Featured vehicles:
Ya-5 heavy truck with diesel engine;
Ya-10 six-wheeled cargo vehicle;
Ya-12 eight-wheeled cargo vehicle;
AMO-2, AMO-3, ZIS-5, ZIS-6 cargo vehicle family;
GAZ-AA and GAZ-AAA cargo vehicles;
NATI-2 semi-track;
GAZ-A and M-1 light cars;
GAZ-4 and M-415 pick-ups;
ZIS-101 limousine;
KIM (Ford Prefect) command car;
D-8, D-12, FAI, BA-I, BA-3, BA-6, BA-10, BA-11, BA-20 armored cars;
UNL-35 Spanish armored car based on ZIS-5.

Director: Andrey Krukovsky
Running time: 2х39 min.
Language: Russian
PAL, All regions
© Wings of Russia, 2009

Film 3
Featured vehicles:
ZIS-22, ZIS-33, ZIS-42, GAZ_60, GAZ-65 semi-tracks;
ZIS-32 four-wheel-drive cargo vehicle;
German semi-track cars of WWII;
URALZIS-5V cargo vehicle;
GAZ-MMV cargo vehicle;
GAZ-55 medical vehicle;
GAZ-03-30 and GAZ-05-193 buses;
Experimental GAZ-AAAA;
Six-wheeled GAZ-21;
GAZ-61 four-wheel-drive and its modifications;
NATI-AR, GAZ-64 and GAZ-67 all-terrain vehicles;
BA-64 armored car;
Studebaker, Willies, Dodge, GPA and other lend-lease vehicles;
Experimental vehicles of the 30s: ZIS-15, YAG-7, GAZ-51.

Film 4
Featured vehicles:
ZIS-150 medium cargo vehicle and its Chineese analogue;
ZIS-151 four-wheel-drive cargo vehcile;
URALZIS-352 gas-producer cargo vehcile;
YAZ-200 and YAZ-210 heavy cargo vehicles;
YAZ (KRAZ)-214 four-wheel-drive cargo vehicle;
GAZ-51 cargo vehicle and its four-wheel-drive GAZ-63 version;
UAZ-69 and UAZ-450 all-terrain vehicles;
UAZ trial designs of the 60's;
Military versions of PAZ-651 and ZIS-155 buses;
NIII-21 trial designs;
MAV (GAZ-46) small amphibian;
Experimental amphibian NAMI-055 on underwater wings;
BAV big amphibian;
BTR-152 and BTR-40 armored personnel carriers.

Director:Andrey Krukovsky
Running time: 2х39 min.
Language: Russian
PAL, All regions
© Wings of Russia, 2009

Film 5
Featured vehicles:
ZIS-110, ZIS-115, ZIL-111, ZIL-117, ZIL-41044 governmental cars;
TPK (LUAZ-967) front line transporter;
UAS trial designs of 70-80s;
UAZ-469 (3151) and UAZ-452 all-terrain vehicles;
UAZ 'Jaguar' amphibian;
GAZ-62, GAZ-66 and GAZ-33097 four-wheel-drive cargo vehicles;
ZIL-130 and GAZ-52 cargo vehicles;
IZH-Moskvich light car;
KRAZ-255, KRAZ-260 and KRAZ-6322 four-wheel-drive cargo vehicles;
Experimental KRAZ four-wheel-drive cargo vehicles (project 'Otkrytie' ('Discovery').

Film 6
Featured vehicles:
KAMAZ-4310, KAMAZ-43501 and KAMAZ-5386 army cargo vehicles;
KAMAZ-Mustang four-wheel-drive family;
KAMAZ-Vystrel armored personnel carrier;
BTR-60, BTR-70, BTR-80 and BTR-90 armored personnel carriers;
Experimental NAMI-020 four-wheel-drive cargo vehicle;
URAL-375 and URAL-4320 four-wheel-drive cargo vehicle family and its modifications;
Experimental URAL water-borne cargo vehciles;
ZIL-134, ZIL-135, and "Blue Bird' Vitaliy Grachev vehicles;
BAZ-5938 and BAZ-6944 multi-axis vehicles;
PMM mobile floating bridge/ferry vehicle;
MAZ-200, MAZ-500 and MAZ-502 cargo vehicles and tow trucks;
Single axis MAZ(MOAZ) 529 and 527 tow trucks;
MAZ-535, MAZ-537, MAZ-543, MAZ-547, MAZ-7310, MAZ-7912, MAZ-79221, MZKT-7930 multi-axis special car frames;
GAZ-2975 'Tiger' adn 'Vodnik' multipurpose combat vehicles.

Director:Andrey Krukovsky
Running time: 2х39 min.
Language: Russian
PAL, All regions
© Wings of Russia, 2009

Vehicles Wear Shoulder Boards
Series director: Andrey Krukovsky
Script: Andrey Krukovsky
Advisers: Denis Orlov, Maksim Shelepenkov
Editing: Alexey Romanov
3-D animation: Alexander Pakhomcev, Sergey Pernicky
Music: De Wolfe
Cover and inside arts: Andrey Zhirnov, Alexander Zakharov
Series producer: Sergey Vikulin
Language: Russian
Total running time: 234 min.
PAL, All regions
© Wings of Russia Studio, 2009
Catalogue number: KRD-71
Weight: 350 g

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