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Soviet documentaries
Film 1. 'World War II aircraft. Soviet aircraft'. 40’s' $16.99
Film 2. 'World War II aircraft. Soviet aircraft'. 40’s $16.99
Film 3. 'World War II aircraft. German aircraft'. 40’s $16.99
Film 4. 'World War II aircraft. Soviet aircraft'. 40’s $16.99
Film 5. 'Soviet aircraft. Yak-15.' 40’s $16.99
Film 6. 'Soviet aircraft. MiG-15'. 50’s $16.99
Film 7. 'Soviet aircraft. Su-7B'. 60’s $16.99
Film 8. 'Soviet aircraft. Yak-28'. 60’s $16.99
'Air parades of the 30’s' $16.99
'Air parades of the 50’s' $16.99
'Victory parade: military parade on the Red Square in Moscow, June 24th, 1945' $16.99
Il-2 Plate $13.99
Mi-17 Plate $13.99
Russian Knights Mug $10.99
Strizhi Mug $10.99
Russian Falcons Mug $10.99
Sukhoi Superjet 100 Mug $10.99
Ka-50 Mug $10.99
Mi-28 Mug $10.99
Mi-8 Mug $10.99
Il-76 Mug $10.99
Su-34 Mug $10.99
Su-30MKI Mug $10.99
Su-30 Mug $10.99
Su-25 Mug $10.99
Su-24 Mug $10.99
MiG-31 Mug $10.99
MiG-15 Mug $10.99
Il-2 Mug $10.99
I-16 Mug $10.99
Patrouille de France Mug $10.99
Frecce Tricolori Mug $10.99
BTR-70 Mug $10.99
BMD-1 Mug $10.99
BMD-2 Mug $10.99
T-72 Mug $10.99
T-62 Mug $10.99
T-55 Mug $10.99
IS-2 Mug $10.99
T-34 Mug $10.99
T-26 Mug $10.99
BT-7 Mug $10.99
Fridgie Magnets
Set of Fridgie Magnets $19.89
Tu-160 Strategic 'White Swan' $16.99
'Golden Star: History of the highest titles in the Soviet Union' $16.99
'Heroes of the Soviet Union: test-pilots' $16.99
'Pilot Kuznetsov’s last words'. 'Pilot Garnaev’s mortal vertical line' $16.99
'Struggle for supersonic speed. True story of Tu-144'. 'Test-pilots. How to survive in air crash' $16.99
'Thunder above the deck. Carrier’s fortune'. 'Sixty years flight. Romeo from intelligence service' $16.99
'Dancing with death'. 'Shuttle strike. Special mission airbase' $16.99
'Vasiliy Stalin's last parade'. 'Secret of pilot Kruschev' $16.99
'Cold war. Russian Superfortress'. 'Cold war. Fight above the ocean' $16.99
'Strike on friends'. 'Fight for space' $16.99
'German soldiers: spoils of war'. 'Fox hunting' $16.99
'Sixty turns of ascending spiral' $16.99
Documental series
Su-27. The Best Fighter in the World
'Su-27. The Best Fighter in the World' $34.99
Vehicles Wear Shoulder Boards
Vehicles Wear Shoulder Boards $63.99
Wings of Russia
'Wings of Russia' series box set $259.99
Episode 1. 'Fighters. The First Victories' $16.99
Episode 2. 'Fighters. The Stormy Years' $16.99
Episode 3. 'Fighters. The Jet Era' $16.99
Episode 4. 'Fighters. A Struggle for Superiority' $16.99
Episode 5. 'Bombers. The Flying Armada' $16.99
Episode 6. 'Bombers. The Cold War' $16.99
Episode 7. 'Attack Aircraft and Front Line Bombers. Above the Battlefield' $16.99
Episode 8. 'Attack Aircraft and Front Line Bombers. The Jet Strike' $16.99
Episode 9. 'Civil Aircraft. The Air Carriers' $16.99
Episode 10. 'Civil Aircraft. Wings Over Continents' $16.99
Episode 11. 'The Wing-in-Ground-Effect Systems (air cushion vessels). At the Edge of Two Environments' $16.99
Episode 12. 'Amphibians. The Steel Albatross' $16.99
Episode 13. 'Helicopters. The Air Rovers' $16.99
Episode 14. 'Helicopters. Soldiers and Workers' $16.99
Episode 15. 'Training and Sports Aircraft. A Road into the Sky' $16.99
Episode 16. 'Naval Aviation. On the Naval Service' $16.99
Episode 17. 'Military Transport Aircraft. Flying Heavyweights' $16.99
Episode 18. 'Reconnaissance Planes. The Sky Outwatch' $16.99
MiG-29 Tactical Fighter. Take-off into the Future
MiG-29 Tactical Fighter. Take-off into the Future $18.99
Mi-8. The Magnificent Eight
Mi-8. The Magnificent Eight $18.99
Armour of Russia
Armour of Russia $109.99
Mi-24 attack helicopter
Mi-24 attack helicopter $18.99
A Salute of Guns. History of the Russian Artillery
A Salute of Guns. History of the Russian Artillery $17.98
Open Sky. Russian Air Forces 100th Anniversary Airshow $17.99
MAKS-2011 Flight Programme $16.98
'Air Show Stars at MAKS-2007' $16.99
'Hydroaviasalon 1996-2006 Stars' $16.99
'World Aerobatic Teams' $16.99
'MAKS-2005 Stars' $16.99
'MAKS-2003' $16.99

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