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'Su-27. The Best Fighter in the World' DVD series is a complete history of the most famous Russian combat aircraft family.


Series director: Andrey Kulyasov
Script: Andrey Kulyasov, Vladimir Petrov
Editing: Andery Kulyasov
3-D animation: Alexander Pakhomtsev, Sergey Pernitsky
Music: De Wolfe
Producer: Sergey Vikulin
Language: Russian, English
Total running time: 160 min.
PAL, All regions
© Wings of Russia Studio, 2010
Catalogue number: KRD-74

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The Su-27 is one of the most famous combat aircraft in the world.
The Su-27 is the masterpiece of the Russian aircraft engineering.
What makes this aircraft such a unique fighter? You will find out when you watch this popular-science 4-part documentary series presenting the most complete history of the Su-27 aircraft family.

The box set contains two DVDs, two episodes each.


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