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The Su-27 is one of the most famous combat aircraft in the world.
The Su-27 is the masterpiece of the Russian aircraft engineering.
What makes this aircraft such a unique fighter? You will find out when you watch this popular-science 4-part documentary series presenting the most complete history of the Su-27 aircraft family.

The box set contains two DVDs, two episodes each.


This 18-epsiode series is complete story of Russian aircraft. Every type of aircraft featured in this series: fighters, bombers, reconnaissance and attack aircraft, transport and passenger aircraft, hydroplanes, training and sports aircraft, naval aviation, WIG craft and air cushion vessels, helicopters.

All the episodes are narrated both in Russian and English.

The eight-episodes series dedicated to the past, present and future of Russian artillery. Designers and their guns, Russian artillerists at the battlefields, legendary guns and heroic battles...
More than 100 artillery designs are covered, unique archive footage and original 3-D animation are used.
The box set contains two DVDs, four episodes each.


This 10-episode series is a complete story of Russian combat armour from the first armoured cars of 20th century’s early years to modern tanks of the present day.
‘Armour of Russia’ is a full guide to any armoured equipment designed and manufactured in Russia: tanks, armoured cars, infantry combat vehicles, airborne combat vehicles, armoured personnel carriers, tank destroyers, combat reconnaissance vehicles, self-propelled air defense armoured gun mounts, self-propelled armoured cannons, engineer vehicles, experimental vehicles and many others.
The series contain unique archive footage never seen before plus the main characteristics of combat armoured vehicles.

The box set contains five DVDs, two episodes each.


First episode is the story of the national fighter development from the WWI until the end of the 30s of the 20th century.


This is the story of the Russian civil aircraft from TU-144 to SSJ-100.


This episode is the story of the Soviet air cushion vessels.


Episode 12 is the story of various amphibious aircraft developed in the USSR.


Episode 13 is the 1st episode on the history of the Soviet helicopters.


Episode 14 is the 2nd episode on the history of the Soviet helicopters.


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