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'Su-27. The Best Fighter in the World' DVD price reduced

We decided to reduce the price for 'Su-27. The Best Fighter in the World' DVD from $39.99 to $34.99. Five dollars less - what more could you ask? :)

Thank you!

'Su-27. The Best Fighter in the World' DVD is released.

Good news, everyone! Finally, long-awaited DVD on the history of the Su-27 aircraft family is released!

It took us almost two years to produce this unique series. Now the 'Wings of Russia' Studio is proud to present it on DVD!
The Su-27 is of the most famous combat aircraft in the world.
The Su-27 is the masterpiece of the Russian aircraft engineering.
What makes this aicraft such a unique fighter? You will find out when you watch this popular-science 4-part documentary series.
The film duration is more than 2,5 hours.
The Box Set contains two DVDs, two episodes each.
Unique shots, unprecedented aerial shooting, 3-D animation, interviews with the designers and pilots.
The director of this documentary is Andrey Kulyasov who previuosly made such an outstanding films as 'Wings of Russia' and 'Armour of Russia'.
You can buy this DVD in our on-line shop.
Thank you!

'Su-27. The Best Fighter in the World' DVD soon available

Dear visitors and customers of the 'Wings of Russia' DVD on-line shop!

We are glad to inform you that our new DVD 'Su-27. The Best Fighter in the World' will be released very soon.

Four episode series includes nearly 3 hours of never-seen-before footage. The film also contains interviews with designers, manufacturers and pilots.

The DVD is a complete story of the Su-27 fighter. This film has no analogues in the world, honestly. :)

All the films are narrated both in English and Russian. The English narrator is Canadian George Watts.

The director of the film is Andrey Kulyasov. This guy was the director of your favourite 'Wings of Russia' series.

The DVD is going to be PAL, All regions.

We will keep you updated.

Thank you.

Our DVDs format

We have been frequently asked which format our DVDs are.

We produce our DVDs in PAL format. Most of you don't have to worry because almost every DVD player is multi-format, i.e. it reads PAL, NTSC and Secam formats. But, please, before you buy make sure your DVD player supports PAL. This doesn't concern to your computer's player which must read any format.

Please, also note that every DVD we manufacture is multi regional. It doesn't matter which country you reside your player will successfully read our DVDs.

This information is given next to each DVD we sell in our on-line shop.

Thank you!

We are open!

Dear visitors of Wings of Russia DVD shop!

We are glad to inform you that our on-line shop is finally open.

There are more than 50 DVD titles to choose from: aviation documentaries, historical documentaries, documenatries of the Soviet era and documentary series on the history of Russian aircraft, military vehicles and armour. Some films such as 'Wings of Russia' series and '60 Turns of Ascending Spiral' are narrated in Engish.

It's more than 80 hours of great video from the leading documentary production studio in Russia and we believe that you will definitely enjoy our products.

Enjoy your shopping!

Wings of Russia Studio team.

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