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Mugs and gift plates

After being idle for a couple of months we are glad to announce that our new collection of mugs and gift plates are available in the Wings of Russia on-line shop.

Tu-160 plate

There are 32 porcelain mugs available for you now:

Russian Knights Mug
Strizhi Mug
Russian Falcons Mug
Sukhoi Superjet 100 Mug
Ka-50 Mug
Mi-28 Mug
Mi-8 Mug
Il-76 Mug
Su-34 Mug
Su-30MKI Mug
Su-30 Mug
Su-25 Mug
Su-24 Mug
MiG-31 Mug
MiG-15 Mug
Il-2 Mug
I-16 Mug
Patrouille de France Mug
Frecce Tricolori Mug
BTR-70 Mug
BMD-1 Mug
BMD-2 Mug
T-90 Mug
T-80 Mug
T-72 Mug
T-62 Mug
T-55 Mug
IS-2 Mug
T-34 Mug
T-26 Mug
BT-7 Mug
BA-3 Mug

The pictures on the mugs were designed by Andrey Zhirnov. This guy does all the covers for most of our DVDs.
The mugs have white colour, 3,1 inches in diameter (80 mm), volume - 10 oz (300 ml).
The mugs manufactured at world-known Dulevo porcelain factory.
Every mug comes in a foam plastic box to prevent damage.

There are aslo 5 gift plates available in our on-line shop:

Il-2 Plate
Su-24 Plate
Tu-160 Plate
Ka-50 Plate
Mi-17 Plate

Colour - white, diameter - 7,6 inches (195 mm). Designer - Andrey Zhirnov.
We know how important is to prevent our goods from damage so we packed all the plates in foam plastic box.

If you have any questions, please, e-mail us. Most of you know very well that we do care of our customers. :)

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