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'Mi-8. The Magnificent Eight' DVD is released!

The film is dedicated to the legendary Mi-8 helicopter.

The English narrator is the famous air show commentator Sean Maffett.
Unique shots, unprecedented aerial shooting, 3-D animation, interviews with the designers, engineers and test-pilots.


Mi-8 DVD


Part 1. Step by Step.
This episode includes the stories of the development stages, first prototypes, start of mass production and first successes of the Mi-8 helicopter which was created at the Mil' Design Bureau.

Part 2. Moving Forward.
It is the Mi-8 which became a workhorse of the Soviet Army in Afghanistan. But in the first place these were the Mi-8s crews that had to shoulder all the burdens and hardships of the war - from the first to the last day.
At present the Mi-8 is successfully used both as military and transport helicopter.
The Mi-8 operates all around the world - from polar latitudes to hot deserts. There are more than 12 000 Mi-8s were produced in total. The Mi-8 is used by over 90 countries. The story of 'The Magnificent Eight' continues, and the Mil' helicopter stands a good chance to celebrate its 100th anniversary!.

Director: Alexey Romanov
Running time: 76 min.
Languages: Russian, English
English narration: Sean Maffett
Music: De Wolfe
PAL, All regions
© Wings of Russia Studio, 2012

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